Exercise 11: Part 1

For the first part of this exercise we were instructed to set up a simple still life and place the camera level to the subject.  We had to take 4 x 2  images with the first image being bare bulbed and the second image with the light diffused. The light had to also be level to the subject and each pair of images had to have the light placed at different points from front to back.  I have merely cropped these images so that they serve as reference to not only the changes in the main subjects shadow but also the colour shifts in the whole scene.

1a)  We can see a strong shadow but, oddly, I was expecting the glare on the glaze to be much worse.  The harsh shadow gives a sense of depth but overwhelms the scene.


1b)  Here the light is much softer but there is a distracting shine on the glaze.


2a)  Here the shadow on the jug is more interesting but, again, the shadow is overpowering. I can see the light is bouncing off the wall on camera left and throwing a white shadow into the glaze.


2b) This is a reasonable pleasing image with a softer shadow.  The diffuser glare is too big though.


3a) The light here is obviously positioned opposite the shadow fall and I notice that this has the affect of dimming the back drop.  Unfortunately the the table top is reflecting into the glaze.  Overall though, with a change in table top material,  this lighting situation has some merit to be explored further.


3b)  Sentiments as above but the shadow is softer and the backdrop in brighter.


4a)  This a very dramatic bare bulb back lighting. I’m not too sure about it really and I certainly don’t like the way the light is picked up on the very fine detail in the table top.  However, this observation may come in useful for the assignment.


8)  The shadow is much softer and flattering here.  I have some way to go with getting the diffuser positioning correct!



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