Exercise 13: Concentrating Light.

The notes explained how light can be concentrated into a ‘spotlight’ and the exercise required us to look at ways of doing this. First I used my continuos lighting with ‘barn doors’ before trying a desk lamp with a home made tube.

Image 1.

The continuos lamp is extremely powerful, so wherever the light falls will be very bright. However, the ability to render the back ground into darkness by simply altering the angle of the ‘barn doors’ can’t be argued with.  I left the background TV set on so that I could explain that two sofa’s  between the dining chair and the TV have been rendered obsolete.  The shadows are harsh around the bowl because the the light is hard and bright even when moving the light away. Diffusing the light would have defeated the object of the exercise. Using reflectors proved to be hardly worth the effort – so I didn’t bother. Placing the light at the front of the scene at least pushed the shadows behind somewhat.


Image 2.

The same lighting technique is used here but situated higher. Light positioned so the flowers don’t fall into shadow. The continuos lighting  has, again, eliminated the backgrounds ambient light.


Image 3.

For this image I used a desk lamp and a paper cone to illuminate the tyg. I wanted to see how a less powerful light and some background ambient light could work. This is a little more similar to the example given in the notes.  Because the light is much less powerful then my professional continous lighting there is more room for creativity in my opinion.




Still life is not something I enjoy on any level but the lighting technique has been useful to experiment with. I might well add to this exercise with portraiture to see how these techniques can transfer to something I do enjoy.


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