Putting down the books – Part 2.

So I had another go with a single shape being a garlic bulb.  I tried to look at assignment brief and bringing experience from the exercises in.

I went out  and managed to find better quality tracing paper. However, the 25 mile round trip, petrol cost and the fact the tracing paper cost £15 for the pad I think it would have been cheaper to purchase a diffuser. Never mind because the results are much better.  I love the reflection. I don’t ‘do’ clinical perfection so this works for me.


Next I tried texture. I placed the lamp high to create a dark back drop and closed the ‘barn doors’ to channel the light. I placed the lamp so it created shadow in the garlic.

I am quite pleased with this too.


Then with confidence growing I decided to try and add some dimension by opening the ‘barn doors’ wider, turning the garlic bulb and by not using a diffuser. The light remained high so the shadow wasn’t too long.


Then for ambient light. Although I am most comfortable with ambient light I haven’t really used backlighting before.  I was pleasantly surprised with the result. The garlic was placed on a chopping board with a white tile backdrop.  About 6 inches above that was window light and the sunlight was diffused with cloud cover.


Then looking at texture and dimension. I took the props outside and the light was still diffuse but texture and dimension was still evident.


I actually enjoyed this set and feel my confidence is now growing.

Since this entry I have had a play with back lighting in Street photography:



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