Image CB/44 – Photographic Lighting (ambient) – Shape.


ISO 200, 60mm, f/7.1, 1/80.  White balance: Shade.  Metering: Matrix.  Mode: Aperture Priority.

Set against a sunset the matrix setting was needed to expose the sky properly. Apart from choosing the basic aperture and ISO the only other alteration needed was the white balance to be set to ‘shade’ to enhance the sunset. The ‘spill’ light on the neck helps to separate it from the lower clouded sky. The relevant course notes for this image are on page124 (measuring brightness) and 132 (The colour of light).

Tutor feedback:

The shot against the sky works vey well, creating a silhouette of the head against the sky. As you point out, the touch of reflected spill at the bottom of the frame defines the shape against the clouds, but I quite like the way that shapes can take on unusual contours with the background without it.



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