Image CB/45 – Photographic Lighting – Shape.


ISO 100, 60mm, f/7.1, 1/160.  White balance: Shade.  Metering: Matrix. Mode: Aperture Priority

By the time I reached the assignment I was quite well practised with silhouette lighting.  It is a tracing paper diffuser (as explored in exercise 10) with a Sachtler continuous lamp set back a safe distance of approx. 3 feet (Very hot lamp). On reflection now, a shallower depth of field may have helped to have blurred the severe surface line across the frame. I chose ‘shade’ setting to give the light some warmth. In the end I made it a little cooler again in edit.

Tutor comment:

The second image with studio lighting works equally well with different challenges, creating a smooth gradation, getting the right distance and depth of field and controlling the temperature of the image without black and white conversion.


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