Image CB/46 – Photographic Lighting (ambient) – Colour.


IS0 200, 60mm, f/7.1, 1/13.  White balance: Shade.  Metering: Matrix .  Mode: Aperture Priority

My favourite of the set.  Again set on matrix but with the head positioned at a different angle and the image also taken from a lower PoV rendered the exposure to be just right to subtly illuminate the head and create rim light as we explored in Exercise 6.

The sky was overexposed but this was easily taken back down a little in edit and the colours became apparent on foam head.  The colour combinations are double complementary in the sky the colour reflects in the head too. To use any fill light would kill the image in my opinion.

Tutor comment:

There’s a lovely balance of light and colour in this first shot. You use just the right angle to bring out the form of the subject and capture some intriguing colour and texture that creates an illusion of granite like mass. No fill needed, as there is enough blue ambient reflection to lift the shadow areas and retain the ambience.


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