Image CB/ 47 – Photographic Lighting – Colour


ISO 100, 60mm, f/6.3, 1/30.  White balance: Shade.  Metering: Matrix.  Exposure Compensation: 1.7.

By concentrating the light (as explored in exercise 12), I created a ‘out of the shadows’ alien feel. I chose the shade setting to give a sepia hue (page 132).  I had meant to set the metering mode to ‘spot’ but the only difference is made was that I had to bring the shadow down a little more in edit.  The lamp was positioned on camera right and level with the subject. We explored the effects of camera positioning in exercise 11.  A reflector was used to just lift the shadow under the jaw line on camera left as explored in exercise 12.

Tutor comment:

There is a touch of pale sepia here; certainly it is a shade down from the porcelain white of the polystyrene original. The lighting angle to create as you call it an ‘out of the shadows’ effect works very well, a sense of mystery for this emergent figure, and certainly an alien feel with its extended neck.


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