Image CB/48 – Photographic Light (ambient) – Form


ISO 400, 60mm, f/18, 1/160.  Metering: Matrix.  White balance: Shade. Exposure comp: + 1.7

In the ‘outdoor light’ project we were warned about the problems of photographing whites that are often rendered grey by the cameras metering. To combat this issue we use exposure compensation. This image was taken under diffuse sunlight. The sun was high in the sky fell on the crown on the head.  This created enough shadow to create 3D depth but the light was also enveloping and the effect was subtle. I had explored the concept of enveloping light in the ‘weather’ exercises.

Tutor comment:

You do quite well with this shot in exterior soft daylight, there is enough angle on the source to create shadow to define the surface contours. A stronger angled light might have been better especially as you can then control the angle of reflected light for any fill. I think it works very well for this, quite soft-featured subject.


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