Image CB/49 – Photographic Lighting – Form.


ISO 100, 600, f/7.1, ¼.  Metering: Matrix.  White balance: Auto.  Exposure comp: + 1.7

Because I didn’t have enough light to illuminate the back drop to sufficiently ensure pure white, I ‘warmed’ the image up in edit and I actually quite like the effect.  The lamp was high and nearly at 90 degrees to the camera but just slightly forward so that the light could still illuminate parts of the face.

The shadows fall so that a rim of shadow falls at the furthest part of the face and neck. The shadow also defines the lower lip and jaw line.

Tutor comment:

The lit image offers much more control and you choose a good angle for the light source creating a shallow dark rim against the light background. I guess this is a single semi-diffused source with no fill? Worth changing the background colour for this kind of set up to see what impact it has on the lit subject.

My response:

Yes it is a single source without fill. Yes, I think experimenting by changing the backdrop could have been interesting but I am simply not set up for backdrops and I live miles away from any stockist of anything different. I may well take the comments and experiment sometime in the future.


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