Image CB/50 – Photographic Lighting (ambient) – Texture.


ISO 400, f/18, 60mm, 1/320.  Metering: Matrix.  White balance: Shade.  Exposure compensation: – 0.7 (mistake)

I seem to have got away with the exposure compensation oversight. As you can see I forgot to adjust the setting to my intended exposure settings to make sure the whites were white.

I read in Light, Science and Magic detail is brought out when light is at an a 45 degree angle or lower. Their example was a glove though.  I simply turned the head in the diffuse sun until the most detail was brought out and the best position was at about 45 degrees to the sun.

Tutor comment:

The soft contours and subtle surface texture of the polystyrene subject don’t offer a great deal of opportunity to explore texture through acute lighting angles and backlighting. But you do manage to capture a range of fine textures here from the material structure through to the scratches and indentations on the soft surface. The artificial source is a touch stronger than the available light, but the results are more or less the same. Getting much closer and exploring the surface with a macro lens might offer an alternative approach.



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