Image CB/51 – Photographic Lighting – Texture.


ISO 100, f/7.1, 60mm, 1/8  Metering: Matrix.  White balance:  AWB.

Exposure compensation: +1.7.

Here I have achieved much the same as in Image 7 but the lamp was left bare and without a diffuser. I can see a shadow by the lips that really annoys me now but it demonstrates the effect of harsh light and shadow perfectly.  David Bailey is known for use of hard light.

Tutor comment:

(same as previous image)

The soft contours and subtle surface texture of the polystyrene subject don’t offer a great deal of opportunity to explore texture through acute lighting angles and backlighting. But you do manage to capture a range of fine textures here from the material structure through to the scratches and indentations on the soft surface. The artificial source is a touch stronger than the available light, but the results are more or less the same. Getting much closer and exploring the surface with a macro lens might offer an alternative approach.


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