Exercise 14: Shiny surface.

This exercise is about dealing with reflections in shiny objects.  We needed to take a small shiny object and photograph it once to observe reflections -as in image 1. Next we had to fashion some sort of diffuser out of tracing paper to fit around the lens and subject – as in Image 2.   The final image is Image 3 with the tracing paper deliberately showing.

Image 1.


Image 2.

This had been my DIY diffuser that I curved around.  My balance isn’t very good and I found the whole exercise very awkward. I soon realised that the cardboard bottom had to go as reflections were still apparent. Even though cardboard is white there was too much reflection still creeping in.


Image 3.



Yes, diffusing light helps to stop reflections. I am not sure tracing paper is the way forward though and I won’t be trying this again until I have a light tent at my disposal. The technique described in the folder was very difficult for me as my balance isn’t much good and I am prone to falling and tripping….hence it looks like I haven’t made much effort here. To be honest I prefer the original image. If you choose your surroundings well then you can be creative with reflection. I do understand that commercial photographers have specific briefs but this genre in a commercial setting is not for me.


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