Publication research.

While I have been waiting for the results of assignment 4 I have been looking at the next assignment and pondering what I might like to do and also the additional publishing skills required if any.

I can see that an emphasis on research and narrative is made and for the last few months I have been working on a project in anticipation of this module. I have been considering this project for use as either an assignment submission or, at least, a research item.

I have mailed my tutor for his thoughts and await his direction.  Of course the main issue is that I haven’t actually taken any of the images. I would not have considered this at all had I not seen another submission based on historic photography.

Whatever the outcome of the decision, this project has taken me on a research journey that has familiarised me with restoring images, Blurb templates and also through through ‘’, RAF records, Google Patents and an unbelievable resolution to a family mystery that won’t be published. It’s been an emotional roller coater.  Making decisions on what to include from a large amount of photographs and documents in the publication are based on:

1. Historic relevance of documents stretching back 100 years.

2. Suitability on content to preserve a dignified memory.

3. Providing framework for future generations to keep my Grand Fathers memory alive and undertake their own research.


A few sample draft pages:










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