Publishing software.

As I am at home this week with a poorly daughter and unable to get out to start shooting my exercises for this module, I am continuing my research into possible formats for assignment submission.

I know that I can submit the images as I have done in the other assignments but if it is at all possible I would like to try to format the assignment in a magazine/ book format.

My tutor has now stated that his preference for assignment submission and therefore my view is now that I will try to use a magazine template.

I am fortunate to subcribe to Adobe Creative Cloud and have access to InDesign…or,  at least, a 30 day trial.  My familiarity with anything other than Lightroom is poor and I think it will be a struggle to achieve a magazine standard in the time scale. But I would at least like to demonstrate how far I get with the software within the assignment submission.

I have just watched this YouTube link and, on the face of it, I think that I should be able to have a reasonable attempt at a front cover  format, if nothing else.  InDesign is downloading and I will report back with any progress made.


White, T. (Unknown). How To Get Started With Adobe InDesign – 10 Things People Want to Know.. Available: Last accessed 01/04/2014.


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