Exercise: Symbols

For this exercise thought needs to be given to symbolism. Below are 5 headings that were given to consider. The lists will be added to as I go through this module and I see and consider new ideas. There will also be supplementary symbolism research

Crime:  Prison bars, handcuffs, broken windows, knives, guns, money, graffiti, Police, drug paraphernalia, police tape, injury.

Growth: Height chart, seedlings, crops, comparison of size, financial indexes on upward trend.

Poverty: Empty fridge, dirt, ill fitting clothes, pasty complexions, tatty furniture, begging, homelessness, cold lighting.

Excess: Obesity, designer clothing, decadent home, sports car, alcoholic, luxury items, warm lighting.

Silence: Ear plugs, isolated landscape, lone person, volume control turned to down, empty buildings, darkness of night.


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