Ben Boswell – Photographer.

Ben Boswell is a published photographer who has a keen interest in artists and, in particular, ceramics. He started  taking photographs in 1982 and has been fortunate to take documentary portraits of the most notable ceramic artists of the day.  This seems to be the way I am heading too and I have been inspired by his work and seem to see ambient light is the same way he does.  Ben isn’t frightened of deep shadow or grainy finishes to his work.  The very essence of taking photographs of potters at work is being able to respond to continual movement, contorted movements and shifts in ambient light. Done well though, one picture can speak a thousand words. When character and intensity is caught in an image,  the overall effect is often a unique earthiness and honesty to an image.  Anybody who has ever tried to take photographs in a dark pottery will realise it isn’t for the faint hearted.  Using photographic lighting is out of the question unless it is a truly posed portrait.

Ben’s photographs of Michael Cardew are my favourite and can be seen here. Last accessed 16/04/2014.

The first time I saw Ben’s work was in a vintage copy of ‘Craft’ magazine from 1984.  Ben provided images for a  feature on  Michael Cardew  who had recently passed away. The atmosphere  in the images is exquisite.

I am hoping to meet Ben very soon.

Boswell, B. (Unknown). Michael Cardew. Available: Last accessed 16th April 2014.

Ismay,W.A. (1983). Kindred Pots. Crafts. 63 (July/ August), 40 – 41.



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