Reflection on The Art of Photography and Assignment 5.

The last eight months has been quite extraordinary for me. Never did I think that I would gain so much from this course and I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be able to keep the momentum up.  It’s not just been about photography but also about bringing myself back in to the world of achieving and exploring new possibilities. There was some very intensive support from DSA to get me on my feet but, ultimately, the work is all mine.  I have been able to work within the limitations I have and, well, all in all, this has been a great start to long over due further education.

Anyway, through the rigours of the last few months I have pushed my limits, explored new concepts, researched different photographers and their practises. I found assignment 2 and 4 the most challenging, and I have found assignment 3 and 5 the most enjoyable. Now it’s time to pull all of this learning together to produce a piece of work that demonstrates technical and creative skills alongside presentation.

I have considered the assignment brief and noted that it would be best to pick a location/ event that I can return to if needs be.  I have decided to try and achieve what has previously been impossible and that is to work with potter Douglas Fitch to produce a complete set of images that describe the environment and process of producing a ceramic pot. I intend to start by photographing a sunrise landscape/ architectural image of the pottery, introduce the characters  and  then take the viewer through from digging clay to the finished piece.

You can see below that I have mulled over different formats for presentation and I have decided that a ‘clean’ presentation in a blurb book will be the finished article.  The book would aim to appeal to those investing in the pottery to provide providence or for educational purposes.

I have shared with my tutor that the number of images will be many more then the suggested 6 – 12 as I want to keep text to a minimum. I want the photographs to tell the story. This is for two reasons.  The first reason is the challenge of not needing to articulate the illustrations. Secondly,  not everybody finds reading either easy or satisfying. I recently researched the availability of adult picture books to use in education and there was nothing that I could easily source online. In fact there was only talk of how to integrate children’s picture books into adult education!  I am not qualified to say but I have a feeling that adults with brain injuries or attention deficit (for whatever reason) could be missing out on quality narrative in picture form.  Perhaps this is somewhere for my research to go in the future.  I know that in the depths of my post injury recovery I wasn’t able to read for years but my imagination was captured and attention held briefly by quality journals sat in seemingly endless hospital waiting rooms.  It’s probably that inspiration that brings me to find myself here today.  Also there is the ‘coffee table industry’ to be fulfilled too.

I have noticed that any talent in photography I have is when I am responding to evolving events and not so much in ‘making’ photographs. Possibly the only exception is landscape photography but I will always strive to make the best of that even.  For certain I am feeling my heart sink when I am asked to be creative with rain drops and such exercises….conversely my heart leaps when some sort of narrative or land/ city scape is involved.



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