Chapter : Wood Fired Kiln



“The brick built kiln is packed with many other items that are ready for firing.”



“Wood is fed in to the kiln, underneath the pots, for 20 hours until the temperature reaches 1100c. The glaze will then melt sufficiently over the surface of the pot. This is a labour intensive process.”

CB/ 81 and CB/82 were taken back in October in anticipation that I might attempt this narrative. I placed this image within research for assignment 4. Wood firing only happens twice a year and is an extremely time consuming business that requires at least 24 hours worth of attention and considerable man power from other knowledgeable people. The light cast from the kiln is beautiful but it is a potentially very hazardous hobby and there is no opportunity for additional lighting. I have used this image in the research section of assignment 4 but not as an assignment image before. I would have like to have added one more image here of the full kiln in operation but I don’t have one that was taken within the time frame allowed. In the real world I would go back through my library or wait until the next firing night.



“After a two day anxious wait, the kiln is opened and the finished work is ready to be admired.”

Sadly the clay from the original pot was too wet to survive firing in an electric kiln. This, in true Blue Peter style, is a replica that was made a few days earlier to ensure I had a competent complete lidded jar to photograph. I thought it only appropriate that the jar should be photographed in an environment that it originated from in the evening light. The light was ideal and a relief as taking photographs of glaze isn’t a favourite pass time of mine.


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