Professor Anna Fox: ‘Behind the Image’

Prior to my study visit today at UCA to hear Prof Anna Fox lecture I thought I’d review one of her books and look at her website.

This book is an excellent resource and checklist for project planning. I wish I’d thought to look at it earlier but I’m pleased to see that my ideas of research and practise aren’t too far removed from that of Prof Anna Fox.

Prof Fox explains that a research proposal is a plan to help shape studies or secure funding for a project. The first chapter takes us through different elements for consideration such as deciding on the subject and who the target audience is. From there Prof Anna Fox tells us that further planning with practical elements of timetables, travel and equipment is also necessary alongside research.

Prof Fox also hints that we consider the ethics of recording history and also that researching the given subject is at the core of this preparation. As Antonio Albos also suggested (find in research below) studying other subjects will be beneficial i.e. psychology, history etc.

The research process could be using specialist libraries, internet, museums and lectures. The use of mind mapping to bring all the elements together can be beneficial.

The book goes on to show us different case studies and approaches. Good practise is advised upon throughout and I shall be dipping into this book again further along in my studies.

Please find the entry regarding her lecture on 7th May under this link…….


Fox, A (2012). Behind The Image. Singapore: AVA Publishing. 01 – 167.


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