Lecture: Professor Anna Fox.

On the 7th May I attended Prof Anna Fox’s lecture at UCA in Farnham.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable lecture that covered many aspects of her work.  Because I have a note taker with me I am unable to write anything comprehensive until the notes arrive in my email.

What I can say though is how refreshing Professor Fox was. She was so down to earth without a hint of pretence.  One of the wonderful things, given my assignment submission presentation in book form, was that she passed around all of her books that she had ever published that contained her commissioned work. There were lots of ideas to consider on presentation i.e. size, papers, fonts.  She does have the benefit of being able to work with designers though where as I am restricted to self publishing software such as Blurb.

One of the other things that has stuck in my mind is this. She stated that what she teaches her students isn’t necessarily the way she undertakes her planning of a commission. I might well be quoting this further down the line! Although she sets about a commission with some sort of idea of what she might produce she allows herself to also work intuitively.

Interestingly she spoke about how her choice of camera helped her to engage and converse with people in settings where children are present.  She felt that a hand held digital camera caused people to be weary of her in this understandable age of ‘child protection’. She felt that people were avoiding  her.  By choosing an old fashion 5×4 format cilm camera with a hood that people were able to identify her more readily as a professional photographer and were able to approach her as such.

I will be adding to this entry soon but it might not be here by the time my assignment has been handed in to my tutor for feed back.



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