This Introduction page contains the work undertaken for the introductory exercises from the OCA’s module ‘The Art of Photography’.  This has not just been about photography exercises for me, it has also been the very start of a long term commitment to undergraduate studies and getting used to very new challenges including organising myself!!  Over the last two weeks much work has also gone into familiarising myself to blogging, study materials, reading material, study practise and software training, IT issues ….and various other preparation issues more unique to me. The introductory exercises were great to go through as a revision and has certainly made me want to dive back into old notes to brush up on basics.

If you are unable to see introductory image exercises here then please click the ‘Introduction’ link below.


Exercise: Shutter Speeds.

The purpose of this exercise was to study the effect of motion at a range of shutter speeds.

A bike would have been ideal but I live in a remote area with winding lanes  enclosed with hedges and no pavements thus not suitable for this type of photographic exercise…..or children cycling!

Below are a set of images that clearly demonstrate the motion as the shutter speed decreased (whilst maintaining the same exposure).

CB27 @ 1/2000 sec was the fastest shutter speed I could muster in lighting conditions at high ISO. This image is in fact sharp but there is ‘noise’ due to the high ISO.

CB26 @ 1/800, the foreground and back drop are sharp but you can already see that the motion blur creeping in around the sleeve. Also the face is soft.

CB25 @ 1/400 is softer again but only giving the sense of an out of focus subject.

CB24@ 1/200 is similar to CB25 but some sense of movement is creeping into the foot. This I expect to see as the feet are making the fastest movements.

CB23 @ 1/125 is really starting to communicate motion as apposed to just soft fuzz but not really good enough to differentiate it from a poorly taken image.

CB21 and CB22 are much the same as above. There may be differences in speed and light to account for it.

CB20 @ 1/50 is now showing clear slow speed speed motion.

CB19 @ 1/40 – as above but more pronounced.

CB18 @ 1/20 is really quite ghostly.

CB17 @ 1/15 is starting to signs of the subject disappearing.

CB16 @ 1/10 is the slowest shutter speed and the subject has very nearly vanished.