Exercise: Focal Lengths and Different View Points – camera’s with variable focal lengths.

This exercise was to merely see the effect of taking an image at a long focal length filling the frame and then moving in with a wide angle to fill the frame. Please find the corresponding referenced images below this entry.

I say merely but actually it’s not something I had actually done before and it was an exercise worth doing. The 70 – 200 lens of mine is heavy and I sigh at the thought of taking it out with me. I found a new friend though in that lens. I did this exercise twice as, for some odd reason, I chose to shoot the SG/CB02 (statue of ape) horizontally.

SG/CB02 (image on right) @135mm was a straight on shot and fairly characterless in style of shot and there was background clutter I couldn’t move out of the frame. However what I can see is that the distance between the subject and the water back drop has been shortened which I do like.

SG/CB02 (image on left) @ 24mm I went in low and was able to conceal background clutter. Also the ape take on more ‘character’ However, the distance between the subject and the water back drop has much more depth and this is a bit of a shame, although the subject is put into more context with surroundings by way of the boats being just in the frame.

Overall SG/CB02 (image on left) @ 24mm is the preferred image

SG/CB01 @ 200mm (image on right)The reverse has happend with this subject and setting. I was able to eliminate back ground distractions.

SG/CB01 @24mm put the jar in context but was a poor composition.

Conclusion is that I should take out both lenses with me and consider what context I need and select a lens based on what I need or want to try to achieve. No conclusion can be drawn until text images have been taken.

Exercise In Focal Lengths (With zoom or Interchangeable lenses)

This exercise was to demonstrate the effect of focal length on subject and surroundings.

I was lucky to have dry weather but the light was less then dynamic or inspirational. The original researched subject I was going to use for this exercise was obscured when I arrived but because I was with an enabler I had to compromise with this alternative.

The exercise required us to find a fixed spot and take images at various focal lengths.

My starting focal length was 135mm. 135mm was chosen purely due to the fact I couldn’t move far enough back to use 200mm and keep the subject within the frame. However this still left me with plenty of room to demonstrate the effect.

As you can see in CB43 @ 135mm below that the boat is tightly fitting in the frame. The benefit is that I am able to exclude anything else out of the frame.

Through CB42 – CB37 you can clearly see the boat is becoming less dominant in the frame and the surrounding landscape becomes more apparent. The general composition can be held until CB38 where the composition is so weak that a complete change in composition is needed. CB38 was @ 26mm. I flipped the camera to Landscape where the boat become part of a scene rather then the dominant subject and seen in CB37.