Photoshop – CS6

I have finally bitten the bullet and invested in Adobe Creative Cloud.  The package available was £8 pcm for both LR5 and CS6.  I thought that good value and I hope it remains so.  I have also invested in Phlearn 101 and will start that soon.

I have managed to move images from Lightroom into and CS6 and back again. Also I am attempting to perfect the tool that will be worth it’s weight in gold. That tool is the clone stamp.

In this image I have managed to eliminate a groyne and two marker posts in the sea. This is  something that would have been exceptionally time consuming in Lightroom and probably with noticeable artefacts left behind.




New ‘trouble shooting’ skills!

This month’s ‘new skill’ is really about setting myself up for academic study.  Ideally study skills would already be underneath my belt but unfortunately there were many hurdles on my path preventing me from accessing this kind of training before hand. On the bright side though I was assessed by DSA as needing one – one support to train me in the use of specialist software.  My new trainer arrived for the first time last week and has many simple tricks up his sleeve that he needed to develop for his own ‘additional needs’ in his university studying.


I really have to learn on the job at the moment.  There is so much trouble shooting to do before I even think about the module, assignment images and submission.   For instance, the essential reading material I am finding incredibly inaccessible due to neuro processing issues I have.  I was looking forward to the use of the software that would read text to me but the monotone and robotic voice just doesn’t seem to help matters any.  None of the books on the list are available in audio editions.


So I was getting a little despondent albeit I have a WILL DO attitude.


However, today I looked at Inspiration software for the first time.  This software is going to be the key.  I have a feeling the answer to studying is going to be in breaking every concept and text down into bite size pieces and inserting it on to the Inspiriation mind maps. Very time consuming but hopefully worth the additional hours.  I am planning to use this method to put together the next assignment.  This first attempt will probably be flawed but hopefully, with each assignment submission, improvements will be observed.  I will be purchasing all future reading in ebook format as, to be honest, the mere thought of having to scan page after page, after page, after page of text on to the computer to then take into other supporting software fills me with horror.


The other major personal study skill to be undertaken will be to start with Photoshop.  I have been very happy in the ‘intuitive’ Light room 4 for the last couple of years but there are limits and I now want to raise my game in edit and move some of my work across to PS but, again, PS is difficult for everybody, let alone when neuro injuries persist.   My IT trainer will be helping me to find a way of working with PS and accessing developmental training.  We are some weeks away from starting to trouble shoot the PS hurdles that have so far blocked me from using the Photoshop but it is now at least on the horizon.

Smoke Photography

Having played with smoke photography 2.5 years ago I had a fairly good idea of the set up although had hoped to make this a desk top exercise.  It rapidly became clear that this was far from ideal and ended up as an entire office floor set up.

I was on a road to nowhere at first as the black back drop was blown out by the strobe.  It dawned on me to pull the joss stick much further forward of the back drop and place the strobe so that it pointed toward the smoke and away from the black back drop.  BINGO.  The settings were ISO 200,  f/4.5 at 1/100 second (to sync with flash.)  I am sure these settings could be better allowing me to close the aperture for larger depth of field.  However, by this time I was exhausted and relieved to have what I had.  The exposure seemed to be happy with the strobe set at auto.  I am sure the secret to closing down the aperture with be in competent use of the strobe.  This exercise will be re visited I am sure.

Water drop photography.

I have actually undertaken water drop photography before but it was a long time ago and under a lot of supervision.  I am intending to use any successful image of the AOP assignment 1 – Liquid.  This is the tutorial I intend to follow.  Watched on 01/10/2013.  Digital Camera World.

I will report back how I get on.

….So today I had a go. It is so fiddly and out of 50 images only three were ‘nearly’ usable. I intend to crack it though and include one in my first assignment.


In this first image you can see I haven’t got the flash setting quite right and will try to resolve this tomorrow. Rear curtain flash I believe? I shall see was I can find!!